Ongoing Projects

Project 1: Research & Dissemination

The MAP team is continuing to develop manuscripts and presentations using cross-sectional, longitudinal, quantitative, and qualitative data to explore psychological topics relevant to Muslims. The MAP team regularly presents these findings at professional conferences in order to increase knowledge of Muslim mental health concerns among academics and mental health providers alike. Check out the Research tab for more details!

Project 2: Group Therapy (Remote)

We currently are recruiting Muslims across Florida who are interested in remote, group therapy. We hope to use the results of this study to continue to update our therapeutic process to further benefit the Muslim community. Check out the Therapy tab for more details!

Project 3: Psychoeducation

We are currently delivering a workshop about mental health that we will present at mosques, Islamic Centers, and Muslim organizations across Florida. Our goal is to provide mental health resources and to inform the Muslim community about Islamic psychology, the efforts of Muslim scholars to address Muslim mental health, and how Muslim communities may address mental health concerns. Please contact Salman ( if you wish to be involved or are interested in these workshops. Check out the ILM tab for more details!

Project 4: Review of Muslim Mental Health Literature

Our team is currently reviewing published and unpublished papers about Muslim mental health in the US. We have already screened over 15,000 papers. Our goal is to consolidate existing knowledge on Muslim mental health, create a database of existing papers, and point to relevant gaps in the current literature. This is a large and ambitious project, and we are always looking for those interested in assisting us with reviewing abstracts and analyzing data. Please reach out to Merranda ( if you are interested in being part of this project's team!